Public Service

Community Signs

The City of Marysville has provided community signs to further promote non-commercial or non-political events and activities that benefit the community. These signs are located in visible locations and will be a reflection on the City. Therefore, we ask that requestors adhere to the requirements found in the application. Failure to comply with any of the listed policies will eliminate the organization from receiving approval for future signs. There is no fee to use the sign, however, you are required to purchase your own sign.

Below are some recommendation on making your sign an effective communication piece for your event. These are not required, but can make your sign better.
  • The average driver will have six (6) seconds or less to safely read your sign.
  • Use contrasting colors. Light backgrounds with darker letters tend to read better.
  • Keep the message short and letters large. Ideal height for letters is seven (7) inches.
  • Do not use script or fancy lettering and avoid fonts with thin letters. Use thick, easy-to-read letters.
  • Try to keep your message under six(6) lines of copy.
  • Make event and contact information largest and boldest.
  • Give a general idea of your event and a way to contact you for details.
  • Include: event, time, date, place, organization, contact information.
  • Make any graphics large and easy to recognize.
  • Don't be afraid to leave some open space; it makes your sign easier to read and more effective. Too much coverage clutters your message and people are less likely to read it.

Photo of community sign