2023 Capital Improvement Projects  

The 2023 construction season includes 13 major projects covering roadway improvements, drinking water improvements, stormwater improvements, and wastewater pump stations.  Use the link below to access the overview map which contains information, cost and timelines for each of these upcoming projects. 

5 Points Intersection Preliminary Study & Design

The City has teamed up with the engineers at Arcadis to study the 5 Points Intersection and look at potential improvements that would make this intersection safer for pedestrians and vehicles, less congested and allow vehicles to travel through the intersection more efficiently.

On May 24, 2022, the City hosted its first public meeting to show how the intersection currently functions and what issues are anticipated in the future if no improvements are performed at the intersection. Following the meeting, residents submitted their concerns and ideas for future improvements at the 5 Points Intersection. Arcadis and city staff addressed the concerns and ideas by developing five (5) alternative improvements for the 5 Points Intersection. These alternatives and how they address the residents' feedback were discussed at a second public meeting on September 28, 2022

Below is the presentation from the September 28th public meeting