2020 Capital Improvements Overview

The 2020 construction season includes 11 major projects covering roadway improvements, traffic signals, water mains, stormwater improvements and a wastewater pump station.  Use the link below to access the overview map which contains information, cost and timelines for each of these upcoming projects.

State Route 31 Widening, Phase II

(UNI-31-1.49, PID 106441)

The State Route 31 Phase II Improvements project will address traffic concerns along SR 31 between US 33 and Mill Rd by extending Northwoods Dr to SR 31 and signalizing the exit ramp for US 33 Westbound. The project is currently under design with an anticipated construction completion date of Fall 2020.

Proposed Traffic Signal Additions

The City of Marysville will be adding 5 traffic signals included in projects starting in 2020.  The additional signals will improve traffic conditions around some of the more congested intersections within the City.

East 6th Street Water Main Replacement

The existing water main on E 6th St from Plum St to Cherry St will be replaced during the 2020 construction season.  The improvement will help prevent future breaks common with aging cast iron water mains.  This project is part of an ongoing effort to replace the remaining 10.5 miles of cast iron mains throughout the City which account for approximately 8% of the City's total water infrastructure.

2020 Pavement Maintenance Program

This annual project includes asphalt resurfacing for City-maintained streets. All streets are evaluated annually and assigned a rating based on condition. Streets are then prioritized and included in the program as funding allows. See below for the 2019 Pavement Condition Ratings for City Maintained streets. The details for this year's pavement maintenance program will be posted once bids are received.