Protecting & Educating

The Marysville Fire Division, valuing its role as a community partner, offers a variety of resources related to safety and education. The division currently offers the following services to residents, visitors, and businesses in the Marysville area:

Repository Units

The units, or "Knox Boxes," eliminate the need for costly forced entry and allow fire personnel quick access to your building. Knox Boxes are made to withstand extreme climate and environmental conditions and, as their name implies, are as secure as Fort Knox. Knox Boxes are required by city code for the following:
  • Any building or facility containing a quantity of hazardous materials which would require compliance with Title III or SARA
  • Any multi-family residential structure that has restricted access through locked doors and has a common corridor to access the living units
  • Any non-residential building where a fire detection or suppression system is monitored by an alarm company or has an external audible alarm
Knox Boxes are also a great idea for those with limited mobility or home alarm systems. For more information call the Marysville Fire Division at (937) 642-2065 or visit the Knox Box website.