City staff encourages property owners and developers to ask questions in the early stages of any project planning by scheduling a pre-development meeting to discuss proposed projects.


A developer requesting a subdivision of land (resulting in more than five lots) shall apply for and secure approval through the platting procedures in accordance with the zoning code.

Planned Unit Development

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a unique zoning district or combination of districts that are subject to the provisions of the Zoning Code. The purpose of a PUD is to encourage and allow more creative and imaginative land development not possible under standard zoning district regulations.

Rezoning (Amendment)

A rezoning is the reclassification of a parcel of land from one zoning district to another zoning district. The rezoning process includes a recommendation from the Planning Commission to City Council who ultimately makes the final decision on the request. The process for requesting a rezoning can be found in the zoning code.

Design Review

All developments, except for single family residential, are required to receive approval from the Design Review Board prior to any construction. The purpose of the Design Review process is to apply the standards set forth in the zoning code that preserve and/or enhance the architectural integrity and exterior appearance of developments.

The Design Review Board also reviews applications for certificates of appropriateness and sign variance requests for properties that are located within the city’s Historic Design Review District.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals has the authority to decide appeals, grant requested variances and approve conditional uses. To file for an appeal, conditional use or variance, complete and submit the appropriate application listed below.