The City of Marysville manages a Backflow Prevention program. The intent of this program is to protect the public water system from any potential cross contamination.


Backflow devices are required on all industrial and commercial accounts and any account that has an irrigation system. It is the city’s responsibility to ensure that devices are installed where needed, that annual testing is being conducted, and that all documents are properly filed according to Ohio EPA standards. Backflow annual recertification takes place between June 1st and September 30th of each year.

Testing Reminder Notices

The Division of Water sends out notices to those that utilize a Backflow Prevention device reminding you that your device must be tested. The results of the test must be documented on a City of Marysville Test Result Form and submitted to the city for filing via e-mail, fax, or mail.

Failure to Comply

The City of Marysville maintains a list of accounts that are utilizing a backflow prevention device. The account will remain on the list until we either receive your completed test result form or when we hear from your testing contractor stating they have your device on their schedule to be tested. Failure to comply with the program may result in termination of service.