About the Division of Streets

The City of Marysville Division of Streets provides maintenance in several areas, including:
  • Roadway mowing
  • Street maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic signal and sign maintenance
  • Tree maintenance

Street Maintenance

Asphalt and street maintenance is completed during the summer months. Routine maintenance includes pothole repair, partial and full-depth pavement repair, crack sealing, and berm maintenance. Maintenance is completed as conditions warrant and in preparation for future resurfacing projects. All new streets in developments are the responsibility of the developer for at least a period of one year.

Street Sweeping

City street-sweeping operations are conducted year-round as temperatures and weather permit. Our streets are cleaned according to the Street Sweeping Schedule and will increase as needed after wind and heavy rain storms. In preparation for street sweeping, merchants are encouraged to sweep their sidewalks and brush the contents into the streets on Thursday afternoons.

Roadway Mowing

The division mows freeway areas that are within the city corporation limits. This includes on and off ramps, center medians, and entryways.

Traffic Signal & Sign Maintenance

Traffic signal and sign maintenance is performed in accordance with the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Tree Maintenance

The division assists property owners in the maintenance and removal of potentially hazardous trees that are located within the street right of way. Any maintenance and removal of trees outside of the city right of way will be the sole responsibility of the property owners. Trees in the right of way that need to be replaced are also the responsibility of the property owner. When replacing a street tree, property owners are required to choose a tree off of the Approved Street Tree List.

Tree City USA

The City of Marysville has been recognized as a Tree City USA since 1991. The city accomplished this by promoting a strong urban forestry program and a healthy green environment. We currently staff an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (IBA), who is available to assist you with questions and/or concerns that you may have regarding your street trees.