Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant has been in service since the late 1920’s. The structure itself was constructed in 1890 where it served as a power house and an ice house for a period of years before becoming the Water Treatment Plant.


The Marysville Reservoir located on Raymond Road was constructed in 2008 and put into service in 2009. The reservoir has a capacity of 1.39 billion gallons of water. The city started using the water in the reservoir as a drinking water source in the fall of 2009. There is a 2.1 mile gravel path around the top of the reservoir that provides many people a source of exercise. All visitors shall abide by the guidelines posted for reservoir use. Fishing and boating is permitted. View park rules for details.

Inflatable Dam & Pump Station

The Inflatable Dam and Pump Station (located on Creekview Drive in the Mill Valley subdivision) was constructed in conjunction with the reservoir. The Inflatable Dam is designed to mimic the natural flow characteristics of Mill Creek to preserve the habitat in the creek as nature intended. Creek flows are constantly monitored in relation to the operation of the pump station to provide ample flow in the stream.

The 40 mgd pump station was constructed for the purpose of filling the Upground Reservoir on Raymond Road. The pump station is fully automated and can be operated remotely from the Water Treatment Plant.