Oakdale Cemetery

About the Cemetery

Oakdale Cemetery is located at 1290 W Fifth St. (intersection of Raymond Road and West Fifth Street). Established in 1880, Oakdale Cemetery represents the area’s past with dignity and honor while preparing for the future with care and respect.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours for the cemetery are 7:30 am until sunset each day.

Oakdale Cemetery Notice

All grave blankets and seasonal items need to be removed by February 1st to prevent damage to the grass. Artificial flowers which are severely weathered or out of season shall be removed by cemetery personnel. No planting is allowed on the backside of monuments. Flower beds can only be made the full length of the monument on the lot at the head of the grave only and twelve (12) inches out from monument toward the burial spaces. No trees, plants or shrubs shall be planted on lots or graves. If any existing tree, plant, or shrub on any lot becomes detrimental or injurious to adjacent lots, walks, avenues or monuments, it shall be removed. No chairs, statues, artificial animals, settees, jars, boxes, shells, toys, bottles, or glass containers, used as a receptacle, nor battery operated or electrified devices or any other inappropriate items shall be placed on grave sites. Any article made of concrete is not considered ornamental and is strictly forbidden. Temporary markers shall be allowed until a permanent monument or marker is set in place, but a temporary marker shall not be allowed for longer than one (1) year maximum under any conditions. Cemetery personnel shall remove all such articles that violate the aforementioned rules; these items will be tagged and stored for four (4) months and then thrown away if not claimed. Oakdale Cemetery reserves the right to remove any or all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs or plants of any kind, wooden, iron, or steel cases, or artificial animals, if they do not conform to cemetery standards.

Lots, Foundations & Interments

Typically, foundations are poured in April and October (weather permitting) with deadlines for orders to pour on April 1st and September 15th. For cemetery rates, please review the rate section in the city code.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery

The City of Marysville provides the opening/closing of gravesites and foundation installation for the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery.

All inquiries regarding graves at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery should be directed to the Church office at (937) 644-6020.