Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance Complaints and Code Enforcement

As we age, we take steps to maintain and improve our health. The neighborhoods and structures in Marysville also require maintenance to stay in good "health" as they age. Individual structures and neighborhoods that are not maintained deteriorate beyond a usable point and repair costs significantly increase.

The solution to maintaining good neighborhoods is Individual Property Owner Responsibility. Unfortunately, many people are not responsible owners. That is way citizens band together to ask municipalities to create minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc. These standards are what protect surrounding property owners and tenants. Please review the Exterior Property Maintenance Checklist and take the steps to be a responsible property owner. If you have additional questions regarding property maintenance compliance, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at (937) 645-7362.

The City responds to violations based on the policy of a "complaint-driven" system. We depend upon citizen input concerning the neighborhood in which they live. If you find that a neighbor has moved out and abandoned their home, of if they simply do not maintain the mowing and clean-up of their property, please contact Code Enforcement at (937) 645-7362 and provide the street address and detailed description of the violation. While we attempt to ensure that community standards are followed through City-wide inspections, your help is necessary and appreciated.

The most common code violations are:

Other Property Owner Responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks and keeping storm drains clear of debris to help avoid standing water (section 521.06(a) of the City of Marysville Codified Ordinances). If you have questions or concerns, please call (937) 645-7362.