Special Event Application

Any individual or organization that intends to hold a special event on City-owned property or public right of way within the City's corporation limit is required to submit a Special Event Permit Application to the Public Service Department at least 90 days prior to the scheduled event. Exceptions to this deadline must be approved by the City. Any public or private gathering including races, block parties, festivals, parades, performances or other group events that utilize public property or right of way will be subject to this policy and application process.

During the review of the application, the City may request a meeting with the applicant to review details of the event and make comments prior to approving or denying the request.

By submitting and signing this application, it is understood the applicant agrees to the following:

  • All information provided must be complete, accurate and not misleading in any way.
  • Only non-profit organizations or for-profit organizations for the benefit of a non-profit organization will be permitted to charge fees or collect money at the event.
  • If the event utilizes a shelter, pavilion, municipal pool or amphitheater, a separate reservation should be made via RecDesk. Please see the Shelter Rental page or call (937) 645-7350, option #2 for more information.
  • Provisions for parking, signage and restrooms for event participants will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Trash generated by the event must be properly accounted for and any needed containers or post event trash collection to be performed by the City must be properly communicated in the application. The applicant will be responsible for any costs incurred by the City for removing trash generated by the event.
  • Any signage, structures or other materials related to the event must be thoroughly removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the conclusion of the event.
  • The City retains the right to reject the application if any of the following conditions exist:
    • The event will substantially disrupt the vehicular or pedestrian traffic in and around the surrounding area.
    • Adequate City staffing for the event exceeds the City's ability to provide while maintaining normal City operations.
    • Sufficient Fire and Police protections is unable to be provided to the event or the surrounding area due to the size, location or type of event.
    • The event is expected to cause a disruption of the peace or result in reduced health, safety and welfare of the public.
    • The event is held for the primary purpose to advertise a product, goods or services.
    • A conflict with another previously approved event at the same location or utilizing similar City services exists.
  • Permits will be approved, approved with conditions or denied within two (2) weeks of receipt of the completed application. If a meeting is required as part of the approval process, the response will be provided within one (1) week of the meeting.
  • All responses will be provided using the email address on the application. If another form of communication is preferred please indicate on the application.
  • Appeals to denied applications can be submitted in writing to the City Manager for review.
  • Granting of this permit does not eliminate the applicability of all other laws, federal, state and local statutes, City ordinances, rules and regulations.
  • Block parties must conclude and the road must be opened by 8pm or dusk (whichever occurs first).

Fees for City Services

Any City services provided as requested by the applicant or deemed necessary by the City during the application review process, will be calculated with the intent to recoup the cost incurred by the City and an invoice will be provided to the applicant at the conclusion of the event. In some cases separate invoices may be submitted depending on which City Departments are involved. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice(s). A deposit may be required prior to the event if the City finds it necessary to do so.

First Aid and Emergency Services

During the application review process, the City of Marysville Division of Fire will identify needs for general first aid and emergency services access for the event. The applicant will be responsible for making arrangements to adequately provide first aid and address the needs for emergency services at the date and time of the event.

Fire Division Standby Parameters

Anticipated Attendance Resources 2017 Fee
<1,000 None $0
1,000-8,000 Gator and 2 Paramedics $77.43 per hour
>8,000 Gator and 2 Paramedics, Medic Unit and 3 Paramedics $193.58 per hour
  Fire Engine and 3 Firefighters (when there is a fire hazard present) $121.74 per hour

Security and Safety Services

During the application review process, the City of Marysville Division of Police will determine the need for special duty officers to be present to assure safe operation of the event. In some cases event volunteers can help offset the number of officers needed for the event. If special duty officers are needed, please complete and submit the Request for Special Duty Police Officer(s) form.

Event organizers should have a plan in place to address extreme weather or other emergency situations that may arise. It is encouraged to share these plans with Police and Fire during the application review process.

Traffic Control and Road Closures

Any partial or full road closure or other traffic control need should be clearly defined in the application and will be discussed during the application review process. The City of Marysville Division of Police will determine needed signage, detour plans and/or road closures. They will work with the City Street Maintenance Division on the placement of barricades, cones and no parking signs to properly account for the maintenance of traffic needs of the event. All road closures associated with block parties must be opened by 8pm or dusk (whichever occurs first).

Proof of Liability Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement

The applicant is responsible for any and all damages caused by or related to the event. The applicant shall be responsible for carrying the required liability insurance policy with a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence with an additional $1,000,000 excess liability. Certificate of Insurance must be provided with the application. The City of Marysville is to be listed as additional insured. Block parties will not be required to provide a proof of liability insurance certificate.

In addition to the proof of liability insurance certificate, the applicant is responsible for completing the Hold Harmless Agreement included in the permit application. In the agreement, the user shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify the City of Marysville, Ohio, its elected and appointed officials, all employees and volunteers, all boards, commissions and/or authorities and board members, including employees and volunteers thereof against all claims, suits, actions, costs, attorney fees, expenses, damages judgments, or decrees, of every name and description, by reason of any person or persons or property being damaged or injured by the User/Contractor/Producer or any of his Subcontractors, or any person employed under said User/Contractor/Producer, or under any of his Subcontractors, or in any capacity during the progress or arising or growing our of the event, whether by negligence or otherwise.

Applications received which are missing either of these documents will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed until all required documentation has been provided.

Temporary Electric Requirements

The applicant is responsible for completing a form for temporary electrical service if electric will be needed for the event. During the application review process, City staff will determine what will be necessary to provide the temporary electric service requested.

Temporary Water Requirements

Please indicate on the application whether temporary water service will be needed for the event. During the application review process, City staff will determine what will be necessary to provide the temporary water service requested.

There is no fee for submitting the application. Completed applications should be submitted by mail or in person to: City of Marysville, Public Service Department, 209 S. Main St. Marysville, Ohio 43040. Completed applications may also be sent to publicservice@marysvilleohio.org.