Special Teams

Dive Team

The Marysville Fire and Police Dive Team is a joint venture between the safety divisions of the City. The divers work as one team, and can be deployed for rescue, recovery or evidence collection. The divers are all certified as public safety divers, and are also trained in swiftwater rescue. The team is deployable locally, as well as through the Ohio Fire Chief's Response Plan.

Hazardous Materials Response Team (Type III)

The Marysville Fire Division contains a Type III Hazardous Materials Response Team that can respond to local, as well as regional emergencies through the Ohio Fire Chief's Response Plan. Marysville Fire Division has firefighters that are also trained to the Hazardous Materials Technician Level. These firefighters have received additional training in the mitigation of hazardous material leaks, spills and incidents with dangerous cargo.

Special Response Team (SRT)

The Marysville Fire Division has several tactical paramedics that are deployed as part of the Marysville Police (SRT) Special Response Team. These paramedics have received specialized training and are outfitted with ballistic protection, similar to their law enforcement partners. The primary goal of the tactical paramedic on the scene is to provide immediate life saving procedures to any law enforcement personnel injured in the course of their duties.