The Connie Patterson Home Improvement Grant

The Connie Patterson Home Improvement Reimbursement Grant is available for owner-occupied single family residential homes. This 50/50 match grant provides eligible recipients up to $2,000 in reimbursement cost.


Grants are available to cover up to 50% of the total eligible project costs, not to exceed $2,000. Grantees will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the project, after certification of project costs and verification of compliance with all program requirements.


Owner-occupied residential properties are eligible for this grant program. Commercial buildings in the designated Historic District with approved residential dwelling unit(s) are also eligible for this grant program. The property owner(s) must complete the application. Property owner(s) must be up to date on all utility bills, property taxes, and mortgage payments. 

Eligible Projects

All projects must be visible from the City right-of-way. Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, the repair or replacement of exterior doors, fascia, fence, front porch, gutters, roof, shutters, and windows. Exterior painting and other work to the outside facade may also be eligible. Some projects may require a permit from the City Zoning Department and/or County Building Department. Projects must be approved by the City and all necessary permits in place before any work begins. 


Completed applications and other required documents will be accepted at City Hall, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 209 S. Main St., Marysville. The property owner(s) will be required to meet with the Design Review Board to present the proposed project.