GIS & Open Data

Geographic Information Systems

The City of Marysville uses digital mapping known as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to track information, inform the public, and make decisions. The city creates reference data, often referred to as layers, of critical information such as streets, addresses, and utility data like water pipes and fire hydrants. This data is visualized in web applications, used for analysis to make better decisions, and used in traditional cartography to create maps. The City's Open Data Portal provides access to the same data and interactive maps used by the City.

Explore the City of Marysville through fully featured digital maps and access authoritative city data.

Applications - Explore interactive applications to make decisions, answer questions, and understand our community. Zoom, pan, search, click!

Maps & Documents - Print capable maps, plans, and other documents in static downloadable formats (PDF). File sizes may be large.

Data Download - Download critical data such as utility infrastructure for use in projects. Mix, mash, and create with authoritative source data. Try the free open source QGIS software to get started.

Contact - Don't see the data you need or have questions, please contact the GIS Coordinator.