JEDD Information

City of Marysville-Jerome Township Joint Economic Development District (MJ JEDD)

The City of Marysville administers the joint economic development district in Jerome Township, Union County. The MJ JEDD is effective March 15, 2023.  

Businesses and employees working within the MJ JEDD are required to pay municipal income taxes. A 1.5 percent tax is due on profits of business activities within the MJ JEDD and qualifying wages earned within the MJ JEDD.  Businesses are asked to complete the business questionnaire form below.

The MJ JEDD income tax is administered and collected for the township by the City of Marysville.   Townships, on their own, do not have authority to levy an income tax.  But Ohio allows townships to partner with an incorporated municipality and use its income tax rate.  A JEDD is provided for under the Ohio Revised Code, section 715.69 through 715.90.  

For more information on the MJ JEDD district, please contact the City of Marysville Income Tax Division.

MJ JEDD Income Tax Forms

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