Lateral Hire Program

Applicants who have previous experience as a full-time law enforcement officer with a public law enforcement agency in Ohio and less than a one-year break in service may qualify for the Marysville Police Division (MPD) Lateral Hire Program.

Hiring Steps

  • The passing of an initial civil service test is required. This is done through the National Test Network (NTN).
  • After successful completion of the civil service test, the candidate is moved onto the background process. This is usually an abbreviated background, as the information is more easily gathered as they are already a sworn officer. No physical agility test is required for lateral hire candidates.
  • After completing the background process, the lateral candidate moves to the interview phase where are interviewed by MPD Sergeants and Patrol Services Captain. Also present are Civil Service and Human Resources Representatives.
  • If the candidate is recommended for hire by the panel, they are scheduled for a polygraph examination and psychological fit examination as soon as possible.
  • After successful completion of the two examinations, the lateral candidate is schedule for the medical physical required by the City and Police & Fire Retirement. (Note: if the applicant is already in the Police & Fire Retirement System, only a drug screen is required.)


  • Once a lateral candidate is hired as an officer with MPD, they begin at Step A until they successfully complete their Field Training Period. This is normally 90 days, but some lateral hire complete this in a shorter timeframe.
  • After successful completion of the Field Training Program, the employee will move to the appropriate Step in the pay scale, which is based on years of service and skill level. The below examples are not automatic and Step movements are based on work experience, the location(s) they were employed, and their work record.
    • 2 years of service = Step B
    • 3 years of service = Step B or C
    • 4 years of service = Step C or D
    • 5+ years of service = Step D (Top)

Paid Time Off

  • Prior service credit for vacation leave is given on a month for month basis, up to 144 month (12 years).
  • Prior service sick time earned may be transferred at time of hire.

Other Considerations

  • Officers who have previous specialized experience and training, such as Instructors and Field Training Officers, are able to maintain those certifications and are utilized in those roles as needed by the Division. (Example: An officer who was a Taser instructor at their former agency could keep their certification current and would be utilized as the Division needs, after they have completed their probationary period at MPD.)
  • Officers with former supervisory experience and training or served as a ranking officer at their previous agency are given the opportunity to participate in promotional processes more quickly than usually allowed by standard promotional guidelines. (Example: An officer who served as a sergeant at their previous agency may be given an opportunity to participate in a corporal or sergeant promotional process after successful completion of their probationary period at MPD, provided they meet the other requirements.)