City Code

About Ordinances

This codification of legislative ordinances is a joint effort between the City of Marysville and Municode. Any typographical errors, discrepancies, or interpretations shall be referred to the original ordinance documents in the possession of the Clerk of Council.

The City Code (Codified Ordinances)

The City Code is accessible through Municode.

City Charter

Contains information regarding form and powers of government, council and legislation, mayor, departments, divisions, commissions, taxation, debt, and finance.

Part 1 - Administrative Code

Contains information regarding the general provisions, legislative, administrative, taxation and judicial portions of the municipal government.

Part 3 - Traffic Code

Contains information regarding enforcement, street obstructions, traffic control devices, parking and traffic violations, vehicle operations, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles.

Part 5 - General Offenses Code

Contains information regarding animals and fowl, disorderly conduct, health, safety and sanitation, property offenses and other items with respect to the general health and well-being of our residents.

Part 7 - Business Regulation Code

Contains information regarding licensing, solicitors and canvassers, carnivals, eminent domain and other atypical business types.

Part 9 - Streets, Utilities and Public Service Code

Contains information regarding Oakdale Cemetery, city parks, garbage pickup, public street infrastructure, public utility standards and rates.

Part 11 - Planning and Zoning Code

Contains information regarding subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances for all land within the corporation limits and for all City of Marysville utility infrastructure.

Part 13 - Building Code

Supplements the Ohio Building Code and establishes additional specific rules and regulations regarding buildings and structures within the city.

Part 15 - Fire Prevention Code

Supplements the Ohio Fire Code and establishes additional specific rules and regulations regarding fire prevention for buildings and structures within the city.


The City of Marysville provides online access to the ordinances as a service to the citizens of Marysville and for the convenience of the public. Every effort is made to keep information provided online accurate and up-to-date. Even so, the City Clerk’s office may have revised or additional information that is not posted online. If discrepancies exist between the print and online versions, the print version, together with any revisions or additions, shall be considered correct. To determine if any revisions or additions have been made to a particular document, please contact the Clerk of Council.