I am a Marysville resident and work in an area with no municipal tax. How often must I file with Marysville?
You must file an annual tax return by April 15th of each year. As part of your annual tax return, a declaration of estimate may be required, when your tax liability to the City of Marysville exceeds two hundred dollars ($200.00). The first estimate should be paid with the annual tax return. Subsequent payments are due June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th of the current year. If no estimate payments are made, then a 10% penalty will be assessed at the time of filing, on the amount of tax due. Beginning with tax year 2016 and moving forward, the penalty will be increased to 15% per ORC 718. Interest may also apply.

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5. I am a Marysville resident and work in an area with no municipal tax. How often must I file with Marysville?
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