Is there anything I can do to help?
Placing the following substances within your plumbing drains can be difficult for our treatment plant to remove and may limit its treatment ability resulting in potential damage to the environment:
  • Bug killer, paint thinner and other chemicals
  • Do not pour any motor oil or like substances down the drain

The following can potentially cause backups into your home:

  • Cooking grease being poured down the drain
  • Any item that could lodge in the drain pipe or sewer should not be placed in the drain
  • Therefore, it is not recommended to plant trees over your private sanitary lateral connection to the sewer main. Tree roots can enter the sanitary sewer lateral and block this sewer
  • Per Ohio EPA standards, downspouts, sump pumps or other devices may not be connected to the sanitary sewer

A backwater valve may be installed if you experience backups into your home. This backwater valve will prevent wastewater from the main from entering your private service lateral.

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