Why did the City begin the Sidewalk & Curb Program?
Sidewalks are a very important means of travel for our residents, especially children and senior citizens. The City began this program in order to accomplish four primary goals:
  • Improve defective sidewalks and ensure that walkways remain safe for all residents
  • Provide a low-cost and convenient sidewalk/curb repair option to Marysville Property owners
  • Give residents the opportunity to add sidewalks and curb to neighborhoods where they currently do not exist
  • Maintain and increase property values throughout the City.
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    1. Why did the City begin the Sidewalk & Curb Program?
    2. I thought the City maintained the sidewalks. Why is it my responsibility?
    3. Who do I contact for more information?
    4. What happens if I don’t repair my sidewalk?
    5. Can I use the money from this program to improve sidewalks that are located in my back yard, side yard or which go to my front door?