How can I get a secondary meter?

The City of Marysville offers secondary meters to customers who want to have their outside water usage (watering lawns and gardens, washing vehicles, etc.) monitored for the sole purpose of receiving a sewer credit for that usage. To request a secondary meter, please follow the procedures listed below.

Customers wishing to have a secondary meter installed will need to complete the Application for Secondary Meter for Outside Usage form and drop it off at the Utility Billing office, 209 S. Main St. The application will be reviewed and upon approval, the customer will need to purchase a meter from the City at the current cost. Payment must be made to the City before the meter will be issued.

Once the payment is received, the City will schedule an appointment with the customer/plumber to have the meter installed. All material must meet the City of Marysville Standard Specifications.

Once installed, the secondary meter will be added to the customer's account. This will keep track of the outside water usage.

Anyone caught tampering with this meter or making any attempts to utilize this meter or its appurtenances in any way that it was not intended, is subject to the loss of privileges of the secondary meter and penalties.

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