What if I have sewer odor in my house?
The most likely cause for odor issues include:
  • A failed wax ring under the toilet
  • A dry trap under the sink or tub or
  • There may be a broken pipe in a wall or under the home.

Run fresh water in all sinks to fill traps inside the house. Be sure to investigate any floor drains that may have not been used in which the trap has dried up. Be sure to check the toilet and make sure it is firmly attached to the floor. The wax ring round the toilet may be compromised. If this does not work, call the Division of Wastewater at (937) 645-7344. A City employee will check to see if any issues are involved with the City sewer. If no problems with the City sewer are detected, the homeowner should call a plumber. It is our recommendation that any odor issues should be remedied immediately as sewer gas may be harmful.

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1. What if I have sewer odor in my house?
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