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Residential Security Form

  1. Marysville Division of Police

    1250 West Fifth Street, Marysville, Ohio 43040
    Phone: 937-645-7300 / FAX: 937-645-7301 / Email:

  2. Residential Security Form*
  3. Location Type*
  4. Alarm System*
  5. Lights Activated
  6. Lights on a Timer?*
  7. Is there a paper stop?*
  8. Animals Present?*
  9. Cars Present?*
  10. Vehicle Information (only vehicles that are expected to be at the location)
  11. Local Contact/Authorized Persons (List in the order you would like us to contact)
  12. Key Holder
  13. Key Holder
  14. Friendly Reminder - Please make arrangements for snow and ice removal from sidewalks while you are away. See City Ordinance 521.06 for further information.
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